What I Do

I work only on electronic files. Edits will be carried out using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes and Comment features.

Style decisions are based on the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style. Spelling decisions are based on the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Yes, I use Oxford commas, although I won’t if the author prefers not to use them.

As far as changes that I might make, I may replace a comma with a semicolon if there’s a comma splice. Or I could create two separate sentences if I feel that is a better choice. I’ll also point out repetition of words, errors in words choice, and inconsistencies with characters and their actions and physical descriptions.

Comments could range from ‘I love this character’s feistiness’ to ‘You’ve used this word four times in one paragraph. You might want to consider changing things up a bit.’

One thing I won’t do is walk all over your voice and style. If it doesn’t distract from the story or make it difficult for the reader to understand, I’ll probably leave it alone, and with Word’s Track Changes feature, it’s easy to approve or ignore any changes I make.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact me at marty@pickycatproofreading.com or schedule your editing job today.