See what authors are saying about Picky Cat!

“I hesitate to write a recommendation for Marty because if I tell others just how thorough and precise he is, he’ll be swamped with reservations and have no time to continue editing my stuff. Who am I kidding, Marty is already in high demand because word has already spread of just how good an editor he really is. He has edited two of my manuscripts and I plan to send him more because his close attention to detail both to spelling and grammatical errors as well as plot inconsistencies. Marty is excellent at whipping manuscripts into shape and I give his services my highest recommendation.”
–Charlotte Leaf, Afraid To Tell (coming soon)

“Picky Cat provided a top notch editing service. He was prompt, thorough, detailed, communicative, flexible, and very reasonably priced for the work done. I am very satisfied with the end result. Picky Cat is my go-to service for editing of any kind.”
Athena Blaez

“I’ve used quite a few editors and Picky Cat is one of the best. He catches inconsistencies, awkward sentences, and general typos very well. I appreciate the informative notes he leaves – which help me to correct my mistakes on future manuscripts. But even when I do make the same mistakes, he’s always very kind and funny and helpful. I highly recommend Picky Cat.”
Carol McMahon

“Picky Cat did a thorough and meticulous job. They even picked up a characterization inconsistency between chapters, which was so helpful. Timely and professional, and highly recommended!”
–USA Today Bestselling Author Suki Selborne

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Marty. He is thorough with his proofing skills and I always receive a professional service. He is my go-to proofreader and I anticipate a long work relationship with him.”
Lori Wood