For those writers who use Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any other speech-to-text software.

I’ll check and correct any errors created by speech to text conversion. *Audio files will be required for this.

I’ll look for spelling errors, punctuation errors, missing words, and repeated words, and I’ll ensure consistency throughout your manuscript, checking to make sure ‘smart’ quotes are used, that Chapter One is followed by Chapter Two instead of Chapter 2, etc.

I will also help improve the flow of your story by calling attention to paragraphs that are excessively wordy, remove crutch words, make or suggest changes to avoid using the same word multiple times in the same sentence or paragraph, add or remove hyphens when appropriate, and call attention to any internal inconsistencies or discrepancies, such as a main character’s green eyes suddenly turning blue or the left-handed heroine suddenly becoming right-handed.

A style sheet will be provided that lists important elements like character descriptions and formatting notes for consistency (especially helpful when writing a series to ensure all style choices remain the same through each book). Also, upon request, I can convert your writing from UK/Canadian English to US English.

Bonus feature–I’ll be with you until the end… and beyond. If you made any changes after I copyedited your manuscript, I’ll look over each one of them, provided you’ve tracked your changes or highlighted them so I can find them. *up to one hour*

$0.006 a word, with a turnaround time of 24hrs per 15k words. Flat rate of $60 for manuscripts that are less than 10,000 words.

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