– $0.008/word. Flat rate of $80 for manuscripts that are less than 10,000 words.
– Turnaround time: 24 hours per 20k words.
– Includes proofreading.

Copyediting services cover:

* Grammar
Checking for and correcting mistakes in spelling and grammar

* Punctuation
Correcting punctuation

* Incorrect words and phrases
I’ll help you spot incorrect usages such as it’s instead of its, their instead of they’re, and should of instead of should have.

Ensuring consistency in spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, etc. (Chapter 2 won’t be followed by Chapter Three)

* Continuity/Plot flaws
I’ll help make sure your characters aren’t catching the morning train at 9 p.m. or having their brown eyes suddenly turn blue halfway through the story.

* Crutch words and pet words
All authors have little pet words they use, often without even realizing it. These words aren’t technically wrong but overuse of them can become tiresome to the reader. Likewise, crutch words (that, of) also aren’t technically wrong, but removing them can result in smoother sentences.

* Conversion from UK/Canadian English to US English (upon request).
If requested, UK English and Canadian English can be converted to US English.

* Two Microsoft Word copies of your manuscript
One with Track Changes on, showing changes and comments, and one with all changes accepted that just shows comments, making it easier to view them.

* Style sheet
Microsoft Word document that lists character descriptions and formatting notes for consistency.

* Bonus feature #1:
If you make any changes after I copyedit your manuscript, I’ll look over each revision to ensure new errors haven’t been introduced, provided you’ve tracked your changes or highlighted them so I can find them. *this pertains to changes only and does not include a review of the entire manuscript*

* Bonus feature #2:
Copyediting of blurb/synopsis.

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