Hi there. I’m Marty Shaw. As a proofreader and copyeditor specializing in fiction, I help authors (both self-published and traditionally published) present the best writing possible to their readers, because no author wants problems with spelling, grammar, or punctuation to diminish the entertainment and impact of the stories they’ve created.

In the past, while working as a legal assistant, I provided proofreading services for a family law attorney. From there, as self-publishing, Amazon, and Kindles became ‘the next big thing,’ I began offering beta reading and proofreading services to fellow writers. After years of providing editing services on a part-time basis, I finally decided to fully commit to my passion for words and go full-time, creating Picky Cat Proofreading & Copyediting in August 2017.

While I specialize in fiction, and do accept all genres, I’ll admit that I do have my favorites. These include romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, horror, cozy mysteries, and paranormal cozy mysteries.

I live near Huntsville, Texas, love cats and Doctor Who, and I look forward to working with you to help you publish the best version of your book possible. Please feel free to email me at marty@pickycatproofreading.com if you have any questions.